It Gets Easier: Surviving Twins During Their First Year

It Gets Easier cover

Coming home from hospital with two new babies can be daunting for most; for first time parents its terrifying. There is a lot of equipment to figure out, two tiny people to get to know, and absolutely no time to sleep.

It Gets Easier offers practical advice and down-to-earth insights. The book includes tips on what equipment to buy, discussion on which routine to follow, and insights into crying and sleeping.

Above all, this book supports bewildered new parents and offers support and encouragement throughout and above all, the reassurance that everything will get easier.


Radio Interview

I recently had the privilege of going on the Anton Savage show on Today FM to chat about my new book about the first year with baby twins, “It Gets Easier”.

Nothing really prepares you for having twins! It takes a while to recover from the shock and to figure how you are going to cope with your two new tiny babies. You feed babies and change nappies around the clock with very little sleep and can’t see how things will ever get easier. The truth is, it will, and sooner than you think. It gets a little easier at every single stage until one day you find yourself looking back and marveling at how different life is now to how life was then with two brand new tiny babies to look after. The book is filled with these reassurances that you are doing a great job, that you are completely normal, and that life with your new twins will get easier.

You can catch the interview with Anton on the Today FM website or by following this link….

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