Interview on the Anton Savage Show



This morning I had the privilege of going on the Anton Savage show on Today FM to chat about my new book about the first year with baby twins, “It Gets Easier”.

Nothing really prepares you for having twins! It takes a while to recover from the shock and to figure how you are going to cope with your two new tiny babies. You feed babies and change nappies around the clock with very little sleep and can’t see how things will ever get easier. The truth is, it will, and sooner than you think. It gets a little easier at every single stage until one day you find yourself looking back and marveling at how different life is now to how life was then with two brand new tiny babies to look after. The book is filled with these reassurances that you are doing a great job, that you are completely normal, and that life with your new twins will get easier.

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Announcing my new book: It Gets Easier!

It Gets Easier cover


Welcome back to my Blog where I will be exploring the world of twins and reassuring you that life with twins will get easier as they get older.

Speaking of things getting easier I’m thrilled to announce my new book all about that first year with twins and full of reassurances that it will all get easier. In fact, I decided to call it “It Gets Easier” to say right from the beginning that it won’t always be as difficult as it is at the start. Those few months are the hardest it gets so hang in there. I needed to hear this myself, and I know you do too. I even asked total strangers in the street who had stopped to have a look at the twins in their pram to tell me that it would get easier!

This book was written to tell you that it will get easier. It gets easier very gradually by degrees and so slowly that you don’t notice at first. But every little thing adds up. I’m not saying that it will all be plain sailing after three months, but you will be getting over the initial shock and feeling stronger and more in control. From now on the twins grow stronger, start to stretch out their sleep at night, get bigger and interact with you and eventually learn to do things for themselves. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea while the twins are napping and you’ll look back and laugh at those crazy early days.

“It Gets Easier” offers these reassurances and more. It has lots of tips on what to bring to hospital and baby equipment to buy. It looks at the big areas of feeding and crying and talks about routines and how to get yours up and running. “It Gets Easier” is out now and available online at Amazon, Easons, and Waterstones.