Are We There Yet? Car Journeys with Twins

Are we there yet?!!
Are we there yet?!!

Welcome back to my Blog where I will be exploring the world of twins and reassuring you that life with twins will get easier as they get older. It’s not all hard work and sleepless nights although in the beginning those can seem endless when you can’t remember what it was like to go to bed in the evening and sleep through until the morning. Honestly those times pass and life gets easier as the twins grow up and learn to talk and start to sleep more!

Travelling with twins takes planning, time and a large car boot. But it is also great fun and a lot of laughs. We have had some entertaining journeys in the car with our twins when the simplest of jokes and games have provided some hilarious moments that we still laugh about today.

Are we there yet?

Kids do actually ask this. If you have twins you know that they both ask it, even if the first twin received an answer to their query five seconds ago. And we all know that twins like to ask the same question several times each so you can be asked whether you have arrived at your destination, when you are clearly in the middle of the motorway, many, many times in the course of a journey.  So to change the subject we introduced the old car games that we all know and love from days gone by when we played them ourselves in the back of the car. (I wonder now if that was because we ourselves had asked whether we were there yet once too often….)

I Spy

I Spy is a great game for car journeys because it can go on for absolutely ages. All you need are participants who either know their alphabet or can at least recognise colours. If your twins are too young to know what letter their chosen answer begins with you can simplify things by “spying” something beginning with a colour. This is great in summer when the sky is blue and the trees are green etc. In the beginning though kids do forget that you need to actually be able to see the thing they’ve spied. They can tend to choose things that have made an impression on them recently…

For example…

Emily: I spy with my little eye something pink

(Not a stitch of pink in sight)

Me: can you give me a clue?

Emily: it’s the pink car we saw on holidays!


Ben: I spy with my little eye something blue

Me: lots of wild guesses later…can you give me a clue?

Ben: It’s my teddy at home!

As the months rolled by and our twins began to learn letters and sounds they graduated to playing “I Spy” with letters and sounds but didn’t always get it right. We still laugh over this one…

Ben: I spy with my little eye something beginning with a “D” sound

Me: Many guesses later…can you give me a clue?

Ben: The plants

Ben: I spy with my little eye something beginning with a “b” sound

Me: Is it the plants?

Ben: Yes!

Knock Knock!

It takes a while for kids to learn jokes and before Ben had learned any jokes at all he used to make them up and then ask us whether this was a joke. It’s so funny and so cute and I’m sure you have lots of anecdotes about your own twins and their hilarious attempts at telling you a joke. It’s also great when they hear a joke that really makes them laugh. I remember the first time Ben heard the knock-knock joke about bananas that struck him as being particularly funny. You know the one about bananas that repeats until an orange is introduced with the punch-line “Orange you glad I’m not a banana”. Ben thought this was hysterical and laughed and laughed for ages over it. After that we were treated to jokes in the car which was a welcome addition to the in-car entertainment……

Ben: Knock knock

Me: Who’s there?

Ben: Lettuce

Me: Lettuce who

Ben: Lettuce in and I’ll tell you

Me: Ha ha ha ha

Ben: Is that a joke?

Yes, twins are hard work in the beginning when they are very small and you don’t even have time for a cup of tea. But take heart; there are great days and lots of laughs ahead. Before you know it you’ll having two little people clamouring to tell you their favourite knock-knock joke or making you rack your brains about what pink things they could have spied in the last two weeks. And of course, on car journeys long and short, asking Are We There Yet until you say “Who’s for a game of I Spy?”