5 Great Reasons to Celebrate Christmas with Twins!

I love Christmas, especially now that our kids are here. Christmas Eve is so exciting – all that anticipation, the traditions, the last dash to the shop for milk, or bacon for the sprouts, and trying to fit in time to peel some spuds and chop the carrots to get ahead for Christmas lunch. We always leave out some carrots for Rudolph and crew before the kids go to bed, and a mince pie and of course a wee dram of something nice for the Main Man! (Note to self – remember to buy some more mince pies for Santa before next Wednesday because I’ve eaten them all!)

If there’s one thing I love more than Christmas Eve, it’s Christmas day itself.

I love Christmas morning. Waking up and the kids seeing their Christmas stockings filled with little treats and goodies, and then all coming downstairs to see what else Santa has brought. Then bacon sandwiches and off to church to celebrate what it’s actually all about. Afterwards chatting with friends about plans for the rest of the day and how many guests we all have joining us for Christmas lunch.

Christmas trees, decorations, twinkly lights, boxes of chocolates and Christmas specials on the telly…There are so many fun things at Christmas but here are 5 reasons why having twins adds to the fun…

1 – Excitement multiplied by two
It’s infectious! Two little people at exactly the same stage looking forward to Santa and all of the fun of seeing all of their grandparents and cousins etc. I have to confess to feeling a little Grinch-ish a few weeks ago but it’s impossible to stay that way for long with two little excited people counting down to the fun.

2 – Christmas plays
Kids are so cute in their plays, twins are twice as cute. They look adorable dressed as elves, reindeers, princesses, angels or even just wearing clothes that were meant to form the base of an outfit but are missing a key piece such as fairy wings or antlers and now look like the random selection of old clothes that they are!

3 – One Christmas lunch for everyone
One meal fits all. Once the twins have progressed from baby food and can manage a few carrots and a slice of turkey or ham you can put the days of making separate baby meals behind you and serve up one meal for everyone. And let’s face it there are so many parts to the Christmas lunch that you should be able to find a few things that everyone will eat. The great thing about having twins is that you reach this stage so much more quickly than you would have if you’d had two babies at different times.

4 – Someone to help play with the new toys
The truly great thing about twins is that they always have someone on the same wavelength to play with. They get on so well together and can play so well together with their new toys without having to worry about someone two younger wrecking their new stuff.

5 –  Double the fun
Think jingle bells in stereo! Kids are such fun, never more so than at Christmas, and twins are twice the fun. When the twins were tiny babies and life was, well, hard work to say the least, my mum used to say that two newborn babies were more than the sum of their parts. I’d go as far as to say that it still holds true – twins are more than the sum of their parts in happy times as well as in the tougher times.

So all that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, or Mary Crispins as one of my twins sometimes says for some reason! Looking forward to catching up with you all in 2015 x